June 2013

Croatia in European Union

Will Croatia benefit from EU or stumble like Ireland and some others. What will governments do, not to be tempted and make good choices? To my opinion, access to more money means NOTHING without good programs (realistic). Ask Mr. David…

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The fish called Orada

The Adriatic Sea fish selection Orada is a top quality fish from the Adriatic and other seas. There are many local names (gilt head, lat. Sparus aurata , sea bream). Oval in shape, flattened at the hips, with a single…

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Economic Zone PODI

The Podi is a central zone in Dalmatia, situated along the A1 highway and 5km away from the city of Šibenik. On Podi location (this year) a dozen plants will be opened, from which nine in production sector, for example…

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