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Adriatic December Fish

The Adriatic fish choice of the month. Brancin and Squid.Lubin (Brancin)Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a fish out of Mediterranean sea bass family (Moronidea). It has a compact and powerful, but very elegantly built body with well-developed fins. At first glance it reveals a good and agile swimmer while big mouth and strong jaw with small but sharp and numerous teeth clearly speak of uncompromising predator. Sea bass can grow up to one meter in length and weigh 14 kilos, but the average hunting weight is well below that, and ranges from 0.30 to 0.50 kilograms.The Brancin FishFrom the boat it is usually caught with light “panula”, from the coast with spinning technique and “a volo”. From the culinary standpoint bass belongs to the most prestigious group of the Adriatic fish. It has fluent and very tasty white meat. It can be prepared in all known ways, but the most common is grilled or cooked.Squid (Lignja)Squid (Loligo vulgaris) is the most representative of the Adriatic group cephalopods of the genus squid (Loligo). It grows up to one meter in length and can weigh up to three kilos. Her body is hydrodynamic with fixed transparent shell-like cellophane, which is located directly under the dorsal mantle. The exterior is soft and slimy to the touch. There are two triangular fins as stabilizers which can swim, 8 arms and two tentacles. Two hunting that are distinctly longer have the suction area with suckers only on the extended regions, while the other eight have suction area along entire length.The Adriatic SquidsIt is caught with a fish-like bait, “skosavica” (horizontal random pull) and pesca fondo (vertical random pull), as well as natural bait, primarily fresh fish like sardines. The manner in which the squid can be prepare is diverse, but most often it is cut into slices and fried or whole baked on the grill. Larger specimens can be cooked and marinated.

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