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There are many affordable real estate properties along the Croatian Adriatic Coast.Prices for apartments in Dubrovnik fell about 700 Euros per square meter. According to data from the Property Exchange House, the biggest drop is in the suburbs of Dubrovnik in Mokosica and Parish of Dubrovnik, where prices have fallen from approximately 2200 euros per square meter at the 1800 Euros, even to 1500, a difference of up to 700 euros per square meter. It is widely known that the Old Town of Dubrovnik is the most expensive part of town, but the prices and sales of real estate in this area is currently stagnating. According to data from the Property Exchange House, last year in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County only 500 flats were sold, which is 7.24 percent less than in the previous year when 539 apartments were sold, or 7.92 percent compared to the year 2010, when 543 flats were sold.In the Sibenik Town and surrounding settlements of Northern Dalmatia you can find houses and apartments at reasonable prices. Sibenik Real Estate You can fetch a sunny duplex apartment in in the center of Šibenik, recently built for 139.763,50 € and the surface area: 90,17 m².

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