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The Sibenik cod fish recipe

How did the fish from cold north become a trademark of the entire European southern cuisines?  Blame the Venetian merchants shipwreck at Lofoten. Pietro Querini discovered bakalar (cod fish) and brought it to Venice and Dalmatians . The cod fish…

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Rosemary for ever

Rosemary are the Mediterranean evergreen needle-like leaf sort of plants Rosemary, whose name derives from the Latin ros ( dew ) and marinus ( sea ), or “sea dew”, which indicates that for its growth is very favorable sea breezes,…

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August Fish Plate

The Adriatic fish of the month Pic (Diplodus puntazzo) fish from the Sparidae family. It can grow up to 47 centimeters long and weigh up to 2.5 kg. However, the mean weight of the hunting of this species does not…

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