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Croatian Dream II

Nada Franka’s Croatian DreamNada Franka is an installations art sculptures. She found her solace on the island of Zlarin, in the Sibenik Archipelago, where she has her art-workshop, lives most of the year, enjoys the sea, sunshine, surrounded with olive groves and Mediterranean vegetation in a serene environment, has fulfilled her dreams. She also has positive thoughts about the Croatia’s future.Zlarin Island Riva

Šibenik, Zlarin Construction Site, Sale Surface area: 1.727,00 m² 112.255,00 €

Quote: I see myself displaying my installation artwork in public places in form of hologram projects and sculptures. As a consequence I hope people will connect and unite through joining positive thoughts and actions.In the next 5 years Croatia will be going through the peak of its economical and social crisis. The change in people’s mindset starts to show first positive results by turning back to land and developing agricultural entrepreneurship.In the 10 years dream Croatia and its inhabitants are becoming friends to each other and to the rest of the World. In this arriving, “Time of Truth“ ethics will affect individuals to cooperate on larger scale. The paradigm shifts from “OR” expressing itself in selection, exclusion and win-lose situations towards “AND” by inclusion and cooperation.In the 20 years dream consciousness has risen substantially; People are starting to appreciate that we as the human species are receiving literally everything form the Earth and have to return what humans kind is supposed to do: LOVE each other and to the Mother Earth as well through respectful behaviour towards all its resources. In this dream Croatia is a country of healthy and good food. Unquote.

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