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Croatian island products Zlarin

Dalmatian island products
Festival of Croatian island products – Zlarin 2014.Organized by the county and the city of Sibenik on 8 and 9th of August 2014. The Zlarinu island will host “Festival of Croatian island product”. The aim of the festival is to encourage the development of the island’s manufacturing, preserving the island’s traditions and authenticity and product branding the prestigious label “Croatian island product”. The festival will be a showroom and a trade fair. The exibited products are the result of the island’s traditions, and development – research, innovation and invention. News from other media – The tourist board of Zlarin.

Team Terra Dalmatica visiting The Festival of Croatian island products

Festival of Croatian island products

Festival of Croatian island products

Zlarin products

OPG Adum Zlarin products

The story of stage, sage essential oils, sage tea, sage the Mediterranean civilizationsIt had served as a remedy to the ancient civilisations. It grows in the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. Its place of origin is Dalmatia, such as the Kornati Archipelago of central Dalmatian islands, where it grows freely and unspoiled. The sage products may serve in different purposes: For example therapeutic (massages, inhalation, baths, space refreshner), cosmetical and medicinal.
Daslmatian Sage

Sage booming on the Kornati Archipelago islands

For information about the Kornati Archipelago, visit: AFRGONAUTA, ASSOCIATION FOR NATURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT argonauta.hr. Original sage products you can order at THE KADULJA TRADE kadulja.com

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