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Dalmatian Energy House

Primosten opens an office for the Dalmatian energy house project

The aim of establishing this Office is to encourage the renewal of existing and building of a new energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective residential and commercial buildings in Dalmatia, Croatian Property ( EEE construction ).Primošten Town ModelThe inauguration day regarding the office for information and services as part of the Dalmatian energy house, was held on Friday, October 11th in Primošten. At the opening the lecture was given about the project “Dalmatian energy house in accordance to the project within the EU Sustainable Development Strategy by 2020. The guest speaker was Mr. Ljubomir MIŠCEVIC, a professor of Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Mr. Drago Matic from the County Regional Development Agency spoke about plans under EEE ( European Energy Efficiency ) construction and renovation. About the possibilities in financing projects that comply to EEEE constructing and updates from the EU funds was addressed by Ivana Maletic, a Member of Parliament at The European Parliament.Primosten_Bilo_family_house_for_saleThe President of the European Council – Herman Achille Van Rompuy says “Energy Efficiency is the highest impact measure governments can take to save energy. And buildings represent the greatest potential sector for energy savings in the European Union”. Read more about his support for Energy Efficient Renovations at REDay2013.

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