"> Residential property prices in the Eurozone rose and in the EU


European Real Estate Market Statistics

Anthony Maglica Villa Zlarin Sibenik

Real Estate prices are up: In Croatia the prices went up 4.7 percent in the III/II quarter of 2014.

Residential property prices in the Eurozone rose in the third quarter of last year compared to the same period in 2013 by 0.5 percent and 2.3 percent in the EU.

This Eurostat article describes the house price index (HPI) in the euro area and the European Union (EU), presenting data on this indicator both at European and Member State level. It also provides examples of possible use of this indicator in relation to other statistics, such as consumer price indices, rent price indices and household disposable income. Read more about housing price statistics – house price index .

Total population using the € in the EU: 332.5 million

Decent housing, at an affordable price in a safe environment, is a fundamental need and right. Ensuring this need is met, which is likely to alleviate poverty and social exclusion, is still a significant challenge in a number of European countries. Read more about housing statistics focusing on dwelling types, tenure status (owning or renting a property), housing quality and affordability – housing statistics overview.
EU member countries

Total population of EU members in 2014 (28 countries): 507.4 million

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