Gasification of Northern and Central Dalmatia

EVN AG customer center building in Zadar

The corporation EVN AG which provides services in twenty European countries brings gas to Dalmatia

In Sibenik-Knin County construction began on the gas network which will connect Sibenik and Knin, and so far an odorising station has been built and seven kilometers of high-pressure gas pipelines. In early 2015, the first users of commercial and residential block at Bioci location should be supplied with gas, from EVN gas distribution network. More on Real Estate ŠibenikSibenik Business zone Podi, as well as several factories in Drniš and Knin area will also, in near future, have their plants run on gas.
Sibenik Industrial Zone

Sibenik Industrial Zone

EVN invests in the education of young people and encourages them to enroll into gas installers courses

In addition to the construction and development of the gas system, EVN encourages and invests in the education of young people. Shortly after the start of first assignments in Croatia in 2011, a three-year contract was signed with the Industrial School in Sibenik and Crafts and Technical School in Split. The contract includes technical, material and financial support in resettlement program for plumbers and heating-installers to gas installers. In addition two scholarships will be given for students of the first grade gas installers course, each year. EVN has made a cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split, also.Information about Customers: Documents and Steps to Gas Connection. Authorised project engineers. Registered Licensed Companies. List of Prices. Contracts. Gas quality. Informer for users of natural gas in household category. Paying invoices without fee can be found at EVN Website

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