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Real Estate Business in Croatia

Dalmatian Riviera

Decline in the real estate market values in Croatia, has slowed.

There has been an increasingly smaller decline in the number of transactions. The market is not expected further to decline in prices, while positive results are expected next year.After seven years ther are visible signs of a slight market growth for 2015! The real estate transactions in the first nine months of this year show that the market has stabilized.The prices of residential properties fell only ten percent compared to last year, which will motivate buyers to purchase real estate, and thus stimulate the beginning of market recovery.Achieved (market) prices of apartments at the Croatian level in the first quarter over the years:
Real Estate Prices in Croatia (euro)
Croatian Coast198215731588
In Dubrovnik and Zagreb, the situation is somewhat better than in previous years, while Split had very little deals. In Sibenik, however, the problem is that for the price of old buildings in the center, you can buy a new building in the surrounding areas. In Zadar, customers are buying lesser and larger houses for leisure at rates of 500 to 600 euros per square meter, while the average price of an apartment is around 1500 euros per square meter. The the price of new properties on the peninsula is around 2000 euros per square meter. There are a lot of Germans and Austrians, but also from Denmark and Italy interested in these Zadar properties.

Source: “Burza Nekretnina” – Real Estate Bourse Croatia

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