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Sibenik archipelago Green islands

The “Green islands of the Sibenik archipelago”: workshops for islanders on the islands

Last week we had a teaching under the guidance of the “Initiative for green development” and a series of workshops entitled “Green islands of the Sibenik archipelago.” After teaching in Prvic Luka, Prvic Šepurine and Zlarin; its moving on to the islands of Krapanj, Kaprije and Žirje.The workshops introduced islanders with the importance and methods of energy saving, renewable energy sources and with incentives and subsidies for personal and legal entities accessible at the local and state level. The project is subsidized through resources of the “Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency”.Green islands of the Sibenik archipelagoOn the island of Zlarin at the hotel “Koralj” on energy efficiency and energy savings Mrs. Branka Heidi was a major spokesperson. About renewable energy sources and implementation Mr. Tomislav Heidi had a significant lecture. We have also discussed the new economy i.e. a “green business” and the opportunities for new businesses and employment. This would include business activities in the fields: Saving energy and water, disposal of waste (cleaning) and recycling, improving local resource management. Finally, we mentioned the funds to support such as “Energy Efficiency Fund”.energy efficient housesFor house energy efficiency find more information on the category of energy efficient house site. For more information on Environmental Protection, Nature Protection, Inspection, Regulation, Programmes – Projects and Strategies visit the “Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection”.The “Initiative for green development” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization for the protection of the environment and nature, promoting, advancing and encouraging ecological way of life and sustainable development.

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