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Sibenik Region Urbanization

Sibenik urban sprawl is underway according to the city plans

It is about the sewage system of the southeastern part of the city. The Mayor of Sibenik Buric said that this projects will create conditions for urban life in the surrounding towns on the urban level, such as Ražine, Brodarice and Zablace.After completion of the first phase of work, the modern sewer system will be connected between 400 and 500 households with about 2500 inhabitants in Ražine and the Šibenik economic zone Podi.For the citizens of Sibenik it is important that among the first tasks to be finished is work on the pipeline between the mall Dalmare and pumping stations Mandalina.
Razine Podsolarsko Brodarica Settlement

Razine Podsolarsko Brodarica Settlement

The project of upgrading the Šibenik sewage has a second phase. It is more challenging and it will cover about 6000 inhabitants in the settlements of Brodarica, Podsolarsko and Zablace. That part is the final phase of these ongoing projects.
 Zablace Village Sibenik

Zablace is an old settlement known for making salt in medieval times

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