Sibenik: The Perfect City for Families and the Elderly

Šibenik is a charming city in the Croatian coastal region of Dalmatia. One of the oldest cities in the country, it was once the seat of Croatian kings, and there are many historical buildings and landmarks still standing as monuments of these times. However, the city is nowadays mostly a tourist destination, and a great one, especially for families and the elderly.The city boasts with plenty of pebble beaches and the calm sea; the idyll is augmented by the many walking and cycling paths, beautiful parks and sports courts. The wider area of Šibenik features two National Parks, Kornati and Krka. Krka lies in the interior, only a half hour’s drive away from Šibenik, while the Kornati are actually an archipelago just off the city. Their vicinity is perfect for a field city is big enough that there’s something always going on; some kind of a concert, a play, or cultural manifestation is taking place in the main square, but it’s also small enough that everything is in walking distance.Unlike Zadar or Split, there are not many night clubs and bars which host wild parties and keep their neighbors awake; not that the youth can’t have fun in Šibenik, but it’s a destination more fit for those who prefer peace and quiet. It’s a good city for retirement, actually; the mild Mediterranean climate means that the winters are not very cold, and even though the summers are warm, they’re not unbearably hot.The air is clean and completely unpolluted as there is no any kind of toxic industry nearby, and the Adriatic Sea is known to have a positive impact on human health. There are plenty of spas and wellness centers around; their quality attracts visitors from all parts of Croatia and beyond.clock-tower-sibenikThere are plenty of cafes and restaurants to spend a relaxing afternoon. Spending times in cafes is a fundamental part of the Croatian lifestyle; it is not uncommon for people to stay in cafes for hours, sipping their coffee and just talking. And the Dalmatian cuisine is incredibly rich: as Šibenik was once the city of fishermen, the local cuisine is based on seafood, boiled vegetables and mild spices. There is a strong winemaking tradition in the villages surrounding Šibenik, and both black and white wine of the Šibenik region is known for its quality and exported into Western Europe.Housing prices are pretty affordable; there are plenty of rentable apartments from 200 to 400 euros per month, and if you’re thinking of buying one, the prices vary from 1200 to 1800 euros per square meter. There are houses available for sail in the city’s suburbs as well. There are several hotels as well, ranging in price and quality.It’s really not hard to see why more and more people are choosing to move to Šibenik with their families, or why there are many people coming to the city to enjoy their retirement; Šibenik, with all its beauties and attractions, is still a destination fit for kings, just like it was hundreds of years ago.