Sibenik: The perfect getaway and real estate haven for celebrities

The beauty of Sibenik and the Croatian Adriatic in general has gained worldwide recognition from A-list celebrities and notable persons across the globe. Just recently, Brad Pitt- a popular movie star was photographed enjoy a relaxed walk through Sibenik before sailing out to sea for a yacht ride. In 2012, Beyonce celebrated her birthday in this magical tourist destination accompanied by her husband Jay-Z. What’s more fascinating about Sibenik being a key tourist destination for celebrities is that some of them are buying holiday homes to be staying in every year they visit.beyonce-croatiaWhy is Sibenik attractive to celebrities?The Adriatic beauty of Sibenik is not the only thing that attracts celebrities to this attractive tourist destination in Croatia. Sibenik offers tourists a relative seclusion from the media thereby enabling celebrities to evade the ever-nagging photographers who consistently invade their personal space and privacy. The city offers an amazingly superb personal service to tourists thereby making them feel at home and consequently allowing them to enjoy the best out of their vacations.How has the high number of celebrities influx in Sibenik affected the real estate industry?Generally, celebrities influence purchases as most people have the philosophy that if an item is good to a celebrity, then it must be good to other people too. Similarly, this has been the situation in Sibenik as the increasing number of celebrities investing in holiday homes has popularized the city’s real estate sector. The demand for houses particularly holiday homes, villas and apartments has risen sharply in the recent past. Additionally, the value of property in the city has appreciated considerably with real estate investors getting higher returns from their investments.The effect of celebrities in the Sibenikian real estate industry as well as in the rest of Croatia has been immense. This is because of the reason that a few years ago, the real estate market of Croatia was crippling to its knees especially due to the effects of the global recession. A few years ago, the demand of property in Sibenik was very low and the appreciation of property investments was unattractive to foreign investors. The situation has improved greatly in the recent past as evident in the development of the proposed $1 billion luxury real estate in Croatia along the Adriatic coast. During his visit to Sibenik, Brad Pitt alongside renowned international architects and investors toured the site of the proposed projections of the real estate industry in SibenikSince Sibenik and Croatia at large has become a favorite tourist destination for people from allover the globe, the demand for accommodation and holiday facilities is projected to increase tremendously for the next couple of years. The relaxed atmosphere, unobtrusiveness, and great hospitality from the hosts are some of the factors propelling the growing influx of tourists in Sibenik as well as foreign investors. The friendly and approachable nature of the hosts has also been quite instrumental in promoting Sibenik as a great tourist destination and equally marketing it as one of the best places to live in.The real estate sector in Sibenik has been undergoing numerous developments, changes and improvements in order to be at par with the global real estate market. Modern designs and styles with exclusive finishing are now being used in the property sector to develop world-class property.