SRIMA tourist resort

SRIMA  Croatia tourist resort SRIMA, a picturesque tourist resort, connectected with Vodice by a line of weekend houses. The settlement existed in the Midle Ages already, but the inhabitants escaped to the nerby island of Prvic because of Turkish danger and established a new settlement of Šepurine.They returned to Srima whend the danger ceased to exist at the end of the 17th century.Tourism has strongly developed in the last twenty-odd years by building accomodation capacity of high quality ind family and weekend houses, and by numerous motor camps. Srima, with its pebble beaches, attracts the lovers of peace and rest in a small littoral village.Not far from Srima, at the site of “Srimska lokva”, valuable archeological finds of an old Christian basilica from the 6th century were discovered. The sites are arranged and accessible to tourists.More information: The Tourist Board of the Town of Vodice –

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