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The Carnival in Vodice

Vodice Port and Marina
Carnival festivities in Vodice 2015

January 27 officially began Carnival festivities in Vodice

At the city administration building attending solemn audience guided by the Mayor, Branka Juricev Martincev. The Carnival Senate and a new mayor took the keys of the city, and with it the provisional government. As a sign marking the beginning of carnival 2015 a flag will be raised and Carnival mailbox set on The Poljana square in which all citizens will be able to submit until February 14, and press charges leading to final indictment against the main culprit for all troubles and worries that plagued the citizens in the past year.


masquerade ball,Vodice


Carnival participants will occupy the streets of city and come out in carnival costumes and masks, with laughter and joy. On February 17, the main perpetrator will pay for all the hardships and misery brought upon the citizens.

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