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Vodice Tribunj Srima sewage project

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According to the city budget for 2015, the older projects will continue and the funds for new projects have been approved.For the year 2015, among others, the plan is to start major large-scale investments: the first stage of construction of the sewage system Vodice-Tribunj-Srima is secured with 8.8 million kuna(1.042.938,90 EUR) budget. Of these, 6.000.000,00 (782.204,00 EUR) is planned for land acquisition and 800.000,00 HRK (104.293,89 EUR) for the payment of compensation for the easement on the land where the construction of wastewater treatment water is planned, and two million kuna (260.734,72 EUR) what is left for the cost of construction expenses.Vodice Tribunj SrimaFurther renovation of streets and the introduction of new street lighting in the town of Vodice will continue, another half a million(65.183,68 EUR) will be spent on the renewal of the waterfront in Vodice. More will be invested in local infrastructure facilities in almost all settlements in the Municipality, from Srima and Gaceleza to settlements on the island Prvic for which 750.000,00 HRK (97.775,52 EUR) are secured.Vodice Srima CroatiaEnvironmental project in cooperation with the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency has been carried out: Applications following energy efficiency measures in constructing of residential buildings will be covered. The City will co-finance together, with half of the amount through the Fund, and the citizens the other half by implementing these measures on their homes. For this propose half a million kuna(65.183,68 euro) has been allocated.

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