Why Croatia?

Croatia is a country where you can find many opportunities and natural wonders. It expands from plains of Slavonia to mountainous Lika and Gorski Kotar all the way to the open sea in Istria and Dalmatia. Croatia occupies the largest area of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea which, as a part of the Mediterranean Sea, penetrates deep into the European continent. The narrow Dinara Mountain Range separates the country’s Mediterranean region from its central European continental section, which spans from the easterly edges of the Alps in the north west to the shores of the Danube in the East, encompassing the southern part of the fertile Pannonia lowlands.To most people, Croatia is known for its touristic destinations, but have you ever wondered how would it be to actually be living in Croatia? Let’s discuss the part of Croatia that is most attractive – the Dalmatia. The first advantage that particularly this part of our country is the most desirable is the pleasant Mediterranean climate with a high number of sunny days per year. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild and wet. Living by the sea has many benefits. The people who live in big cities on the continental parts of the country can only dream of going on vacation on the seaside, while living by the sea already provides the relaxing atmosphere everyone always aspires to. Also, here’s a useful information that many people want to know and that is that tap water is drinkable all across the Croatia.In this article, we will give you a guideline to the most important cities in Dalmatia and its surroundings. As there is always a good and a bad side to all things, it seems like cities on the seaside also have their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide what is best for you.SplitSplit is the largest town in Dalmatia and the second biggest city in Croatia with the population somewhere over 180 000 people. It is the second largest harbour of Croatia and the third one in the Mediterranean, when it comes to the number of passengers. In the year 305 AD, the world’s most powerful man, Emperor Diocletian, was faced with the decision on where to spend the rest of his days. Of all of the known world, he chose to build his home in the heart of the region of Dalmatia, setting the first stones in place for the future city of Split. It seems like Split was very desirable even in those days and even for the royals and the people with power.SplitThese days it is known for its cultural inheritance and masterpieces that originate from the periods of renaissance and baroque architecture. It is popular for its cozy climate with over 250 days filled with sunshine throughout the year. Split has many beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water. Furthermore, it is the city most desirable destination for tourists to visit. Out of all the cities with natural and cultural inheritance in the world that can be found on the list UNESCO assembled, Split was named by the Financial Times in 2015. the most wanted historical center for living.People living in Split live an easygoing life, some could say stress-free, and a person is easily adapted to it. There is a feeling like every day is a holyday, all the restaurants, cafes, the seafront and squares are always filled with people. There is much more to Split than just a city, it is a town full of warm people and lovely way of life so you can instantly feel like you are home.Split - tower of cathedral Besides Split, it is important to mention a small place called Podstrana which has a big potential to grow into something bigger. It continues to grow by the day. Podstrana is very popular among young people and families. It provides them a family atmosphere, while it not so far away from Split and you can be there in no time.DubrovnikDubrovnik is also a city of big importance (it is protected by the UNESCO) that is placed at the south of the Croatian coast. Its population counts over 40 000 people and it keeps growing. New settlers are attracted to Dubrovnik for its climate, good air connections and rich social content. Besides that, it is a touristic attraction and it is very popular among investors because it has a very good stability in prices (they don’t fluctuate that much). Furthermore, the prices for rental are constantly increasing.DubrovnikOn the other hand, Dubrovnik has a big disadvantage and it lays in the lack of new and price-acceptable real estates. Today it is followed by a trend of migrating out of Dubrovnik. In the past 10 years those people have gone to live in suburbs such as the surroundings of Split. They went to live there in search of calm and family life where they can raise their children.ŠibenikŠibenik is a place found in the middle part of Croatian coast. Its population counts somewhere about 50 000 people. Few years ago, Šibenik really flourished in many ways. Over the years, a lot of projects were brought to realization and in that way made living for the town people more pleasant. Most of the city buildings were renovated such as the historical Fortress of St. Mihovil , all of the public surfaces , nautical harbor for the mega-yachts, luxurious hotel, the walking trail through the channel of St. Ante was also remodeled, the beach in the center of the city ( only few cities have these kinds of beaches), new buildings are projecting… In other words, Šibenik is coming to life. It is easy to conclude that this is the kind of city in which you can feel good and not be afraid of winding up in a routine because Šibenik surely proved that it is a kind of town adaptive to changes.Šibenik_-_harbourIt is very desirable to tourists, but unlike Dubrovnik or Split, it provides a different more relaxed life style. To make things more clear, it is best to take an example of people who in the prime moments of the season (the summer) don’t have to adapt themselves to tourists because the streets aren’t swarming with them. You could say that Šibenik is still undiscovered by many. When it comes to real estates, the prices are very acceptable, taking the closeness of the shore under consideration. As we already mentioned, new flats are being build and in that way the city provides more space for new people to come and live there, as well for the people already living there.sibenikTo sum up, it is easily concluded that Dalmatia has incredible natural wonders, the sea, the climate, all the things that make her so very attractive. The offer of the real estates is wide ranged and while it is difficult to fulfill all of the buyers desires, with a help of an agency that is willing to work and find you what you wish for, you could find yourself what you want with a slight help of compromise. So, if you ever decide to come to Croatia you could finally find out what it means to live the Croatian way of living – where everybody knows your name, shares their favourite food and people don’t even lock their doors. A small country like that really makes you feel like you are a part of one big happy family.To see Croatia compared to other countries according to data gathered by World bank, please use this link.