Zlarin The Island of red coral

The Tourist Board of Zlarin welcomes you to the island of red coralAs one of the most attractive islands of the Croatian Adriatic, only Zlarin has kept the tradition of hunting and processing of precious red coral (coralium rubrum). On the island the remains from pre-Roman times were found, but it was first mentioned in the 13th century when it was under Bishopric of Sibenik. Since 1438th its inhabitants hunted corals around the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea.Zlarin is a green island with no cars, a paradise for children, ideal for complete rest, enjoying walking, cycling and swimming in the crystal clear sea. Port of Zlarin is protected from south and northeast winds and is a favourite destination for boaters. Zlarin engenders and brings together many talented and famous people. During the summer, the island lacks no cultural facilities and events because of well-known individuals in various areas of social life that are true friends of the island and because of the local population. Every year they organize a number of events such as exhibitions, art colonies; school of local language, singing and dancing. The tireless inhabitants have lately organized another, original event – “Brudetijada”, a competition in cooking fish stew based on “Ugor”- the Dalmatian sea eel. People meet at the central square “Fingac” and celebrate the gathering.
Šibenik, Zlarin Building land, Sale

Land for Sale with olive groves on the Island of Zlarin

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